Dress Code

1. Clubhouse

Dress in the public rooms may be casual but must be smart at all times.
1.1 No Golf shoes or waterproofs.
1.2 No Hats for gentlemen or golf hats for ladies.
1.3 No Trainers, tracksuits, ‘beachwear’, shell suits,
1.4 No Football style socks are to be worn.

2. On the Course – Gentlemen


2.1 Must have sleeves, collars or be specifically designed for golf.
2.2 Must be tucked in.
2.3 No football, rugby or tee-shirts.


2.4 Must be tailored and not tucked into socks. 
2.5 No jeans, denims, tracksuits, combat trousers or ¾ length trousers.


2.6 Must be tailored and not shorter than mid-thigh length. 
2.7 No jeans, denims or combat style shorts.


2.8 Must be worn by gentlemen and must be a matching pair, visible above the shoe.
2.9 No football style socks are to be worn.


2.10 Must be specifically designed for golf.
2.11 No trainers.

3. On the Course – Ladies


3.1 Sleeveless shirts must have collars.
3.2 Collarless shirts must have sleeves.
3.3 No football, rugby, tee-shirts, crop or sun tops.
3.4 No exposed bare shoulders or midriff.
3.5 No brief shorts or skirts.


3.6 Shoes must be specifically designed for golf.
3.7 No trainers.


1.    Properly manufactured golf attire may be worn at the discretion of the General Manager or Club Professional.
2.    Members are responsible for bringing these rules to the attention of their guests.
3.    These rules are for the better enjoyment of everyone and your co-operation in the upkeep of the Club’s standards are appreciated.
4.    Offenders WILL BE approached and MAY be refused permission to play on the course or be served in the clubhouse and if all else fails, they WILL be asked to explain their reasons to the Committee.

(Last Updated March 2012)

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